Equine Epochs Exhibition
History Museum of Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA

This unique, expertly and thoroughly researched exhibit is beautifully designed and curated and brings to life an important, fascinating chapter of Sonoma County history. There is something here for any educational or interest group and literally something for all ages.
Don McPherson, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I loved it. It was so cool!
Olivia Smith, Freshman, Maria Carrillo High School

Entrance to Round Barn with Horse Displays

Aerial View of Round Barn Entrance

Round Barns History

The Future - CEPEC Slide Exhibit

Historic Uses of Horses

Antique Carriage

U.S. Cavlary Saddle

Vintage Horse Equipment

Historic Race Tracks

Racing Sulky

Famous Racing Equines

Historic Harness Racer

Modern Uses of Horses

28 Champion Horse Displays 1800s - 2000s

Equestrian Events in Sonoma County

Modern Eventer

Equine Industry Demographics

Equine Economics

39 Displays of Sonoma County's Horse Breeds

Equestrian Clubs Artifacts

Famous Horse's Trophies

Cal Bar Trophy Room

Theater: Sonoma County Equine Champions Films

Theater: Sonoma County Horses in Movies

Victorian riding Dress and Side Saddle

Modern English Riding Attire

Vintage and Modern Western Riding Attire

Modern (Vaulting) Equipment
Equine Art
Books, Notecards, Original Famous Horses Water Color Paintings, Prints, Glicees, Equine Cotton Napkins
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