There is no greater need in Sonoma County than CEPEC. Henry Trione, November 15, 2012
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The CEPEC Team

CEPEC was initiated by Karl Bastian, the former President of the Sonoma County Horse Council, who recruited Wanda Smith to launch the project. The CEPEC Board of Directors is currently composed of six professionals. The CEPEC Advisory Council is composed of over 60 professionals in engineering and design, environment, academia, finance, riding disciplines, equine facilities and services, public relations, and public representatives. CEPEC also has several alliances, sponsors, supporters, and promoters.

Board of Directors

Wanda Smith
Engineer & Entrepreneur
Equestrian Competitor

Jan Roser, PhD
Member at Large
Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
Equestrian Competitor

Cecelia Brown
Member at Large
Finance Specialist
Horse Ranch Owner

Glenn Benjamin, DVM
Member at Large
Large Animal Veterinarian
Winery and Horse Ranch Owner

Shellie Hadley
Member at Large
Marketing Specialist

Advisory Council

Engineering & Design Environment
  • Biology, Geoff Monk
  • Mammology, Kim Fitts, Bioconsultant LLC
  • Environments, Tim DeGraff, WRA
  • Geology, Michael Malone
  • Hydrology, Steve Mack
  • Paleontology, Tom McConnell
  • Waste and Recycling Management, Lou Ratto, North Bay Corporation,
Academia Finance
  • Development, Lori Zito
  • Financial Development, Bill Vick
  • Grants, Jackie Sahud
Discipline Representatives
  • AQHA Shows, Melissa Zanetti
  • Cutting, Chris Brown
  • Draft Horse Events, Nolan Darnell
  • Dressage, Sharon Marshall
  • Driving, Ted Draper
  • Endurance, Tony Benedetti
  • Eventing, Yves Sauvignon (West Coast) and DeAnna Hines (East Coast)
  • Hunter-Jumper, Rudy Leone
  • Para Equestrian Riders, Shirely Johnson-Foell
  • Polo, Carol Molln & Eric Wright
  • Reined Cow Horse, Corolynn Vogt
  • Reining, Keli Hendricks
  • Race Horse Training, Rhoda March
  • Race Training Facilities, Carlos Cabello III
  • Trail, Jonathon Ayers
  • Trainer Liaison, Clay Jackson
  • Pentathlon, Pat Duffy
  • Geroge Alterberg, Arabian Horses
Equine Facilities & Services
  • Veterinary Center, Ted Stashak, DVM
  • Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans, Kim Mac Lean
  • Holistsic Equine Management, Sarah Lockwood, Earth and Equine
  • Horse and Rider Osteopath/Biomechanics, Belinda Burnside
  • Farrier Center, RT Goodrich
  • Historian, Michael Von der Porten
  • Historical Archiving, Barbara Molland, Far Field Farms
Public Relations
  • Marketing, MaryAnn Peters
  • Public Relations, Kassy Perry, Perry Communications
  • Stabling, Benita Mattioli
California Regional Representatives
  • Central Valley, Nancy Easton
  • Silicon Valley, Heidi Kucera
  • District Representative for US Congressman Mike Thompson, Cheryl Diehm
  • District Representative for California Senator Mark Leno, Carol Mills
  • Open Space District, Misty Arias
  • Permit Acquisition, Dana Dirricco

Board of Directors Linked in:
Wanda Smith, Board President and CEPEC Executive Director

Wanda originally hails from San Francisco where she spent her childhood riding horses in Pacifica during the school season and in Sonoma County during the summers. In the 1970's, she and her family had a Quarter Horse ranch in Bonny Doon near Santa Cruz. In the early 1980's, Wanda lived in Europe where she rode horses at the Chantilly Chateau, France and in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

In 1994, Wanda moved to Sonoma County, bought a few horses, and started showing in cutting competitions. At that time, the contribution of horses to Sonoma County was not well known. It motivated Wanda to write a book (Horses of the Wine County) illustrating the history and economic contributions of horses to Sonoma County and included the various breeds, champion horses and riders, contributors, associations, and equine events in Sonoma County. After Wanda made a presentation about her book to the Sonoma County Horse Council, she was recruited by its President to create and manage an Olympic level equestrian center in Sonoma County because of her entrepreneurial background and experience with horses.

Wanda's background includes a Masters of Science degree in Engineering from Stanford University and over 40 years experience in product and project design, research, and management with several Fortune 100 companies. Her entrepreneurial background includes creating research centers around the world for Hewlett Packard, founding an international research & development consulting company, and helping start up several small companies.

Because of her contributions to the computer industry, Wanda was included in the 1984 Esquire Register of People Changing America with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Joseph Kennedy II, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charles Schwab, Steven Speilberg, and Sally Ride.

Wanda has also served on several public and private, profit and non-profit Boards including the San Jose Medical Research Foundation, Silicon Valley Ergonomics Institute, Sweetwater Springs Water District (as a publicly elected official), Occidental Equestriennes, Vintage Cutting Horse Association, and CEPEC.

Shellie Hadley

Shellie Hadley graduated from Stanford University with a B.A in Psychology which has served her well in her marketing and sales career in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Shellie also managed clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Shellie started riding horses before she could walk and grew up with a horse in her back yard. She spent her high school summers teaching children how to ride to earn money for college and competed in local horse shows.
  Jan Roser, PhD

Dr. Jan Roser is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Science at the Univeristy of California at Davis where she was in charge of equine science specialization. She received her MS in Animal Science and PhD in Physiology at UC Davis and thereafter completed a two year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biochemistry at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. While there she worked in the biotech industry as a biochemist developing diagnostic kits for pregnancy in horses. Dr. Roser then joined the faculty in the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis. Her major teaching emphasis was in the equine sciences where she specialized in endocrinology control of mare and stallion reproductive functioning. Dr. Roser is internationally recognized for her research and has published over 100 scientific research articles and 12 book chapters. Dr. Roser started riding horses at the age of nine and rides both Dressage and Western Pleasure. She presently has four horses - three Trakehners and a Quarter Horse. She also teaches summer UC Davis Extension Courses "Tracking Mustangs" and "Packing and Veterinary Medicine in the Wilderness."

Cecelia Brown

Cecelia has an extensive experience in corporate finance. She was a manager for World Savings Bank for eight years and a stock broker for Pain Weber and Sutro & Co. (now RBC) for 22 years. Cecelia was the President of her family's 60 year owned business Kresky Signs, Inc. in Petaluma until it closed in 2018. She also has several years experience serving on profit and non-profit boards. In 2014, Cecelia was voted one of the top Women in Business, Leaders, Innovators & Visionaries in the North Bay. Cecelia was born and raised in Petaluma, has ridden horses her entire life, has been a successful cutting horse competitor for several decades, and co-owns a horse ranch with her horse trainer husband.

Glenn Benjamin, DVM

Dr. Benjamin graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Veterinarian Medicine and has been a practicing veterinarian for 52 years. He began his career in California as a restorative equine surgeon and is a co-founder and primary veterinarian for the nearly 1,000 animals at Safari West - an African wildlife preserve in Sonoma County. Dr. Benjamin was also a former member of the Sonoma County Trail Blazers, past president of the Lake County Horse Council, and is an active supporter of the SPCA and Farm Bureau. At his Lake County horse ranch, he owns several Percherons which have shown across the Western United States and Canada and have been champions at Grass Valley and Calgary competitions.

Alliances, Sponsors/Supporters, Promoters

The Sonoma County Horse Council was founded in 1993 to be a central organization to advocate for horse owners and businesses and to protect their mutual interests.

The mission of the Horse Council is to:
- Promote and preserve the horse agriculture, industry and recreation in Sonoma County
- Communicate horse-related issues to members
- Inform the public about horse community goals and projects
- Support private and public equestrian facilities
- Promote all aspects of the equine industry
Partnering with other organizations, such as the Farm Bureau and horse clubs, the Horse Council's role expanded to include monitoring regulations and legislation affecting the horse community and acting as a liaison with local government entities. The Council addresses concerns of the horse community as a resource to guide owners and lovers of horses toward knowledgeable sources of information to help them with questions of horse ownership and use, land issues and stewardship, as well as political concerns.
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