There is no greater need in Sonoma County than CEPEC. Henry Trione, November 15, 2012
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Development Status Development Phases

*Amended proposal to procure land surrounding SDC Amended Proposal to the State in 2019
*Conducted study of future uses for the SDC in 2018 Comparative Analysis of Future Use Options for the Sonoma Developmental Center
* Co-host (with the Sonoma County Museum and Horse Council) a 3 month exhibit on the History of Sonoma County Horses in 2017
*Environment Impact Report (EIR) Draft of CEPEC Land Use on SDCRanch and Trails
*Petition Supporting Sonoma Valley Land Procurement by CEPEC
*Launched a campaign to acquire land in Sonoma Valley
*CEPEC Board approves submitting proposal to obtain and use land surrounding the Sonoma Development Center
* Master Plan completed and updated
*Provided data to Sonoma State University for study of Economic Impact of the Equine Industry on Sonoma County 2014
*Benefit Concert
*Capital Campaign launched
*Expansion of CEPEC land acquisition proposals
*Study of Expanded Equine Academic Programs in Sonoma County
*Fund Raising Gala
*Initial proposal to acquire CEPEC land
*Completion of the Wetlands Study
*Non-Profit (501c3) status approved by IRS
*Wetlands Study completed for Roblar Valley property
*Funding secured for the Wetlands Study for Roblar Valley property
*Non Profit status approved by the State of California
*Pre Permit Application review by the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management District
*Site Plan architecture rendering
*Board of Directors formed
*CEPEC formed as a corporation in California
*Land owners submitted letters of interest in having land acquired for CEPEC
*Geological/Hydrological assessment completed
*Funding for site geology assessment obtained
*Meetings with land owners initiated
*Open Space Application submitted
*Letters of acquisition interest submitted to Open Space from land owners
*Presentations given in media (TV & radio) & Articles published in magazines and newspapers
*Web site designed
*Seven potential sites identified; top potential selected
*Initial Business Plan written
*Initial specs and site selection criteria compiled
*Market Research conducted

CEPEC Development Phases

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