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You can participate in CEPEC in a variety of ways including:

*Sign Petition for CEPEC land surrounding the SDC in Sonoma Valley
*Making a Donation
*Fund raising
*Helping to write grants
*Being an Advisor or Sponsor
*Conducting Market Research
*Adding the CEPEC web site link ( to your web site or Facebook page
*Displaying a CEPEC decal on your vehicle (car, truck or trailer) or business front.
*Write a Letter of Endorsement.

For additional information on Getting Involved, email:

CEPEC is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. The Tax ID is: 27-4219878.
Tax deductible donations can be in the form of Checks or PayPal payments (see below).
Founding Member donations or Sponsorships funds or pledges are also acceptable.
Contact Executive Director for additional information.

PayPal payments can be made by clicking on the Donate button below.
Checks should be made out to "CEPEC" and sent to:
P.O. Box 1070
Kenwood, CA 95452

Thank you.


Letters of endorsement from individuals and/or organizations who acknowledge the value of establishing an Olympic level equestrian center in Sonoma County assist in demonstrating the need for CEPEC's facilities and services. Endorsements help with fund raising and financing CEPEC. The CEPEC Board of Directors would appreciate receiving a letter from you, or your organization, endorsing or supporting the establishment of CEPEC.

If you would like to submit an endorsement letter, please send it to:

P.O. Box 2408
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Thank you.

The following individuals and organizations have sent a letter of endorsement for CEPEC. Copies of letters are available on request from CEPEC.
  • Dr. Ted Stashak, Professor Emeritus of Equine Surgery, Colorado State University
  • Pat Alexander, Sonoma County 4-H Advisor, Kenwood
  • Sharmaine Ege, Past President North American Peruvian Horse Association
  • Barbara Molland, Vice President Western Dressage Association, Former President American Saddlebred Registry, Second Vice President American Saddlebred Horse Association, Petaluma
  • Karen Young, Graphics Artist and Equestrian Competitor, Sebastopol
  • Shirley Johnson Folle, Para Equestrian Rider, Windsor
  • Keli Hendricks, Horse Trainer, Petaluma
  • Jackie Sahud, Sporthorse and Racehorse Thoroughbred Breeder, Healdsburg
  • Chris Brown, Past President of Vintage Cutting Horse Association and Horse Trainer, Santa Rosa
  • Grant Miller, DVM, Founder of CHANGE Horse Rescue Organization, Petaluma
  • Belinda Burnside, Equine Osteopath, Petaluma
  • Joel Bartlett, Retired TV Announcer, Board Member Marin Horse Council, Santa Rosa
  • Occidental Equestriennes
  • Sandra Markoff, President Golden Gate Arabian Association and Arabian Horse Breeder, Santa Rosa
  • Richard Perce, DVM, Windsor
  • Lorna Drake, Retired Forestville Grammar School Teacher, Guerneville
  • Melissa Zanetti, Horse Trainer, Penngrove

CEPEC clip on visors are made out of a soft plastic and are width adjustable. A soft foam strip enhances comfort on the forehead. Easily cleaned.

You can obtain visors for a $12 donation from:
Phone: (707) 541-6091

CEPEC decals are 10" in diameter and can be placed as squares or cut into circles on cars, trucks, horse trailers, building doors, or windows. They have an all-weather coating on the surface and a special adhesive to allow them to be easily removed without leaving a residue.

You can obtain decals for a $10 donation from:
Phone: (707) 541-6091
Thank you to Kresky Signs of Petaluma for sign fabrication and design donation.

Event Donors & Sponsors

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